Earn Points.

EzyFree.com is a rewards website where you must earn points in order to get a prize such as Xbox Live.

You can earn points by filling out the many free surveys and offers that are provided on the website. These suveys only take a few minutes of your time and there are hundreds to fill out.

I recommend using a program such as Dashlane which will help you fill out surveys automatically and make the process go much faster.

Invite Friends.

I am sure you have many friends on Facebook, Twitter, and even in real life.

EzyFree.com has a generous invite program where if you get your friends to sign up, you can earn a percent of the points your friends receive from filling out the surveys and offers.

By now, you should have already created an account at EzyFree.com. Head over to the invite page to get your unique invite links to share with your friends.

Be Rewarded.

EzyFree.com has many prizes you can choose from but most importantly, they have Xbox Live codes. That is the reason you came to this site, right?

Once you have accumulated the necessary points from completing those free offers and surveys, head to the rewards page to start the process of redeeming your free Xbox Live code.

Receive the Xbox Live code and enjoy playing online with your friends!

Yes, EzyFree really works. I've tried them all.

Why should you trust EzyFree.com? For me personally, EzyFree has been the only site where I actually received a free reward.

I have tried SwagBucks, Rewards1, and GamingLagoon which is no longer around. These sites claimed I fraudulently filled out offers so they would not give me the free Xbox Live prize.

EzyFree.com never asked questions, they just sent me my free reward.

Oh yeah, it's that good. See for yourself.

Here is a picture I took with my crappy phone of the Xbox Live Points I received from EzyFree. As you can see it is for 4000 Xbox Live Points which is not listed on EzyFree.com. I had a ton of points from filling out over 25 offers and I had a few friends sign up too. I contacted EzyFree if they can do this special reward for me and they did!